Check by Phone

By contacting the MCCU Call Center at (734) 242-3222 or (800) 541-2222, the "Check by Phone" service allows you to authorize the transfer of your funds held at another financial institution directly to your MCCU loan. Your credit card payment can also be made in a similar way.

  • Allows you to transfer funds from another financial institution without having to step foot in a branch!
  • Loan payments will be made in a timely manner
  • Convenience of paying your loan or Mastercard from home

Note: Please make sure you have your other financial institution's routing number and account number when calling. Your MCCU loan account number (xxxxxx-xxx) or Credit Card number will also be needed to allow crediting to the proper account. Having this information ready when you call will allow the transaction to be handled in the quickest possible way.

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